Le MAM présente « la mobilité d'un art sur la place publique, en entreprise et au sein des institutions » dans le cadre du 4th International Mobile Creativity and Mobile Innovation Symposium le 19 novembre 2014.

Mobile Innovation Network Aotearoa [MINA] is an international network that promotes cultural and research activities to expand the emerging possibilities of mobile media. MINA aims to explore the opportunities for interaction between people, content and the creative industry within the context of Aotearoa/New Zealand and internationally.

This year MINA is pleased to announce that Colab (Creative Technologies Research Institute for the Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies at AUT University) will host the 2014 International Symposium & Screening to be held at AUT University’s City campus, in collaboration with the College of Creative Arts, Massey University (Wellington).

The Symposium provides a platform for filmmakers, artists, designers, researchers and industry professionals to debate the prospect of wireless, mobile and ubiquitous technologies in art and design environments and the creative industries.

Anders Weberg (Artist and Curator, Sweden), Associate Professor Gerda Cammaer (Ryerson University) and Dr Marsha Berry (RMIT University, Australia) with Dr Max Schleser (Massey University, New Zealand) and Laurent Antonczak (AUT University, New Zealand), will present key notes at the MINA Mobile Creativity and Innovation Symposium in Auckland on the 20th and 21st of November 2014.